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About the 

Changing the Game 

The Onfieldclinic was established in 2002 to address an identified need in health care and 

" Bridge the Gap " between the Rehabilitation venue or clinic and return to sport. 

Providing On Field Sport Specific Rehabilitation services the OFC has become a place for athletes to restore physical health and fitness as well as psychological confidence and develop the skills necessary to be an athlete for life. 


Randy Celebrini Director / Developer 

Randy Celebrini developed the onfieldclinic in 2002 to address an identified need in health care and "bridge the gap" between the rehab venue and return to sport . The first of its kind the OFC provided an onfield controlled transitional rehabilitation environment specifically for athletes to restore both physical and psychological confidence . Over the past 2 decades the OFC has helped countless athletes return successfully to their sport.


 As a therapist Randy has been working with athletes in numerous roles over the past 30 years and has served as a physiotherapist and sport science consultant for several national sport organizations as well as professional athletes and teams from the NHL , NBA , MLS , NLL , CFL and more. 

He has had a career focus on the rehabilitation of complex , recurrent or recalcitrant injuries in athletes along with a specific focus on the return to play phase of rehabilitation. He has also been a consistent innovator in the development of Prehab training systems for both injury prevention and performance optimization in both elite and developing athletes.


He has developed prevention programs for numerous teams and has contributed to the development of sport science programs in several capacities for professional , university , collegiate and amateur sport organizations . He has also been an active clinical educator and mentor throughout his career. 

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