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Sport-Specific Physiotherapy

Athlete Development Is A Lifelong Process of Movement Development 


Athlete Development Sessions 

Athletes work together collaboratively with an OFC therapist to develop primary athletic movement skills: running technique, sport-specific core training, Agility Balance Coordination, Functional Strength and Sport Specific Conditioning . Become a " good mover " not just a good athlete to train for sport for life. 

Build a Foundation 

Prepare to Play 

Young athletes transition from being kids at play to becoming young athletes learning to train and ultimately compete. The OFC provides an environment and specific services to help guide athletes through the development of effective training habits and techniques, fundamentals of athletic preparation and sport-specfic conditioning. Confidence is developed through a process of preparation to help build a ' good mover ' with a foundation for long-term health and athletic success . 


Learn to Play

Athlete development starts early. For kids learning to try your best, have fun, and develop foundational physical literacy and sports skills will help establish a healthy growth mindset and promote movement skills that may lead to athletic success that can last a lifetime. Move early and move well. Train for sport for life. 

Contact us to find out more about our OFC Learn-To-Play programs for kids. 


Today's athlete needs to take responsibility for their body. Prehab Programs help athletes identify and address primary physical issues that may impact performance or predispose injury. An individual and specific  PREHAB program helps athletes 

optimize their physical potential through athletic movement development and can be a true difference maker. Build a better athlete by becoming a better mover. Train for sport for life. 


Return To Play 

Athletes that have sustained complex injuries often benefit from a controlled transitional rehabilitation environment to help regain physical and psychological confidence and " bridge the gap"  between the rehab venue and return to sport. The OFC provides on field, on ice, on court sport-specific rehabilitation to help athletes successfully and sustainably return to

play. Learn to rehabilitate injuries by learning to move better . Train for sport for life.

How High Can You Reach? 

The OFC is committed to building Champions for Life! 

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